Nu is a hub for adventurous artists, audiences and ideas.

photo by Beau Saunders

Who we are

Nu is a community of artists: musicians, actors, circus artists, visual artists, writers, dancers, acrobats, choreographers, cinematographers, sound artists, poets, photographers, installation sculptors, fashion designers, graphic artists, artivists…, that synergize to bring you boundary pushing multidisciplinary presentations.
Nu presents projects that are generated by connecting artists from around the world to create and work together in a supportive environment. We call upon artists from various disciplines to synergize and then put them to music in unusual settings around the world.

Our team

Maya Barsacq is a passionate and dynamic artist. She is an international conductor and composer. Barsacq is the founder of Cadenza Orchestra and Nu. Maya dedicates her time as well to leading singing and conducting master class workshops at an international level. An ARTivista, she is a dedicated advocate of classical music and especially contemporary classical music. Maya strives to champion new compositions and collaborate with living composers and artists around the world. 


Jordi Torrent

Jordi Torrent is a Catalan pianist. He is the co-founder of Nu. Torrent has collaborated with many living composers around the world. He maintains an active professional musical career as a repertoire and collaborative pianist, working with international orchestras and opera houses, as well as working at the Escola Superior de Music de Catalunya in Barcelona..



All events and performances have live music.

On target

To make you see and hear multi disciplinary presentations unlike anything you have experienced before.

Around the planet

We present events globally with local talented artists that showcase mind and soul bending presentations.

Fun & Adventurous

We are all on board to experience something fun and unsual.


fosters creative paradigm shifts >> that engage, stimulate, titillate, & inspire.


Want to join the fun?

Create, collaborate and explore with other artists?
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