Nu is a hub for adventurous artists, audiences and ideas.

photo by Beau Saunders

Who we are

Nu is a community of artists: musicians, actors, circus artists, visual artists, writers, dancers, acrobats, choreographers, cinematographers, sound artists, poets, photographers, installation sculptors, fashion designers, graphic artists, artivists…, that synergize to bring you boundary pushing multidisciplinary presentations.
Nu presents projects that are generated by connecting artists from around the world to create and work together in a supportive environment. We call upon artists from various disciplines to synergize and then put them to music in unusual settings around the world.

Events & Projects


Envol is an artistic voyage that looks closely at the stakes of an artistic endeavor. What it means to undertake the process of creation. What it takes to follow one´s intuition and follow the creative journey. Via music, poetry, photography and dance. Envol is an odyssey into the realms of exoticism, voyage, sensibility, love, loss, beauty and connection. 



Exit navigates the complex connections between music, art and geopolitics. It is presented in the form of a dialogue between two artists: Kathleen Balfe and Gabriel Roca.

Champs Revés

Champs Revés presents the current dichotomy of nature and the urban life. The plant world as it surrounds us, braces us, yet has become farther and farther away from our daily lives. Do we know it shapes, sounds, odors, habitats…? Do we dream at night of far away fields that carry our present and possible future? Do we know what to look for? 


Mirada de Tomaquèt

Mirada de Tomaquèt is a multi disciplinary project that
explores the symbolism and power of the tomato. This
transatlantic collaboration presents an installation of music,
sculpture, food, sound and space while broaching subjects
of migration, geo politics, economics, art and flavors. Audience members are invited to walk around the installation while listening to an original percussion composition by Maya Barsacq that is played via especially designed speakers created by Meg Mitchell as the tomato plants grow. Their yield will provide savory treats for visitors.


ARt ON Webinars

Art On Webinars is a new series on art and culture. Prominent guests in the art world, are invited to discuss various topics related to their particular niche and industry. This new series in collaboration with Espronceda Institute of Art & Culture will explore the current state of affairs in the art world.

Episode 1: Spanish cultural world weighs in (in Spanish)
Episode 2: Italy’s art scene post confinement (in Italian)


All events and performances have live music.

On target

To make you see and hear multi disciplinary presentations unlike anything you have experienced before.

Around the planet

We present events globally with local talented artists that showcase mind and soul bending presentations.

Fun & Adventurous

We are all on board to experience something fun and unsual.


fosters creative paradigm shifts >> that engage, stimulate, titillate, & inspire.


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